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Stay Secure With Upgrades To Your Windows and Doors

You cannot always be in your home – there are always places you need to go and people you need to see.
On those occasions when you have to leave your house empty, it is reassuring to know that your abode is properly secure.

That will only be the case if the windows and doors you have fitted offer a sufficient amount of security. Insecure windows and doors are an open invitation to burglars.

How do I know my windows and doors aren’t secure enough?

  • You can feel draughts coming through them
  • The window balance is broken and preventing you from opening and closing your window properly
  • Weathering and the external temperature has caused your door to contract or expand, making it harder to shut or open
  • The lock and/or handle feels flimsy

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, you must upgrade your windows and doors, and the sooner, the better!

Why do we say that? Here are a couple of reasons:

  • Internally beaded

It is widely agreed that externally beaded windows are less secure than internally beaded windows as the beads can be removed from the outside so that you can easily take out the glass. Most contemporary windows and doors are internally beaded, meaning the glass can only be removed from the inside of a house.

  • Reliable locking

The highly sophisticated locking mechanism fixed to a brand new UPVC, aluminium or timber window or door is strong and durable enough to puzzle even the cleverest of thieves. It also incorporates anti-snap cylinders and shoot bolts to keep the window or door firmly in place when locked.

A word of warning though!

Modern windows and doors won’t lock themselves. When exiting your home or heading to bed, check that all the windows are properly shut and locked.

Get EXTREME window protection

We would particularly recommend that you buy any new windows from Mitchell Glass if you want EXTREME protection.

Our EXTREME windows feature a patented shootbolt locking system that prevents attack in any direction. The EXTREME centre Vaultbolt and multicam locking technology work in harmony to anchor the window tightly to the frame.

You can find out just how secure our windows and doors are by visiting our Galashiels showroom.

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