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Still Living With Timber Roofline? It’s Time You Upgraded To UPVC Roofline

Roofline goes unnoticed and unloved by a lot of Scottish householders which is surprising when they live in such a consistently rainy climate. Without effective roofline, a home is more susceptible to water damage and it can cause serious drainage issues.

Livin Room Orangery In Rosewood

Take notice of any visible fascias, soffits, bargeboards, guttering and cladding that you can see in your neighbourhood and you will see that a high proportion of them are the traditional timber-built originals.

They could be in a very poor state visually and ageing timber roofline has a propensity to rot, swell, crack etc. Once that happens, leakages and mould are a near certainty.

Some try to mask any problems with their old, wooden roofline by attempting to repair it. The application of capping boards is a common form of action people take to cover over existing timber fascia boards on the cheap, but it rarely solves things for long, eventually leaving them back to square one.

What they’re much better off doing is replacing their timber roofline for UPVC fascias, soffits and guttering for a permanent fix and long-term roof protection.

It makes sense financially as once UPVC roofline has been fitted you won’t have to worry about spending any more money on it in the future, whereas you regularly have to fork out money to fix timber roofline.

UPVC roofline also doesn’t need the constant maintenance than wooden roofline demands. It has a weather-resistant exterior that you only need to wipe with a wet cloth to fully bring the colour out again – not a paint brush in sight. This is a job that only needs to be done every once in a while and we recommend that you get someone with specialist experience of cleaning UPVC roofline to sort it, rather than clamber up a tall ladder and potentially endanger yourself.

Mitchell Glass has you fully covered for all forms of replacement UPVC roofline if it’s time you changed yours. You will also receive a 10 year guarantee with all our coloured UPVC roofline and our white roofline comes with an even more impressive 15 year guarantee.


Kick your timber roofline into touch for the more dependable UPVC roofline. We can quote you for it here.








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