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The Perfect Accessories For Your UPVC Door

The centrepiece of any UPVC front or back door aside from the coloured finish applied to the door frame is the hardware and accessories incorporated into it – we’re talking about the handles, hinges, letterbox, number plates, door knocker, friction stays, door locks, cylinders, multi point locks etc.

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Selecting hardware needs to be done with plenty of thought as any hardware and additional accessories chosen for your new door must complement the overall aesthetics of the design; otherwise there is a risk of the hardware looking completely out of place.

It may seem like a minor detail, but it’s a majorly important task as the hardware should be viewed as the finishing touch to any door. When watching the moving carousel of UPVC door designs on our UPVC doors page you will see that your eyes are drawn towards the hardware as much as the glazing utilised.

Choosing hardware needn’t be hard work

The best starting point is to decide on the right handle for the door as it’s the most significant piece of door hardware and will be in frequent use. 

Getting the perfect sized handle is the first thing you need to do and then settling on a suitable material (Aluminium, Zinc-Aluminium etc.) Door knobs and lever handles are the most favoured handle type, a lever handle being easier to grip and hold when you’re giving it a push down to gain entry inside or outside.

Hinges, friction stays and alike may not be as visible as the handle, but they give a UPVC door its functionality and should be chosen based on the door panel/ vent size and weight. Typically, a UPVC door will contain three or four hinges due to the weight of the door.

UPVC door hardware maintenance

A big motivation for people upgrading their old door for a brand new UPVC door is to put an end to door maintenance.

UPVC is weather-resistant and requires very little upkeep and the hardware used in a UPVC door can similarly be left alone without any attention on your part for long periods.

A wipe with a wet cloth will usually remove any marks and yearly lubrication of the working parts should be enough to keep them moving freely.

Need help with hardware?

A Mitchell Glass consultant can provide a helping hand with door hardware if you’re finding it difficult settling on the right handles, hinges and any other hardware solutions. Book an appointment to resolve that.

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