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Transform Your Home With New Windows And Doors

Do you feel the same buzz of excitement for your home that you experienced when you first moved into the property?
If the honest answer is “no”, the installation of brand new windows and doors will rejuvenate its appearance and feel. They will also help rejuvenate the fondness that you used to have for the house.

We supply replacement windows and doors in various materials (UPVC, aluminium, timber, composite) and a very broad selection of colours.

Not only will they lift its appearance, but you can also expect them to provide the following essential benefits:

Improved energy efficiency

Your old windows and doors may no longer provide the level of thermal performance required to keep your indoor setting warm.

The latest energy efficient windows and doors will minimise heat loss and promote solar gain by transferring in any heat produced by the sun.

Be aware that the lower the U-value, the more energy efficient a particular window or door is.

Cheaper energy bills

Greater thermal efficiency will also lead to cheaper energy bills which will come as a relief to those paying out a fortune on fuel costs.

The typical lifespan of our replacement windows and doors is 20+ years, so you can expect to make significant savings over that period.

They will eventually pay for themselves.


The worst nightmare for every homeowner is if someone managed to break into their property and steal their possessions.

The likelihood of this occurring will significantly diminish once you have new windows and doors in place as they have a resilient frame and can be fastened tightly shut via a multi-point locking mechanism.

Check out our new EXTREME window security range if you want optimum window security for your home.

Explore a wealth of windows and doors at our Galashiels showroom

Mitchell Glass is Scotland’s leading home specialist, so it will come as no surprise to you that we have every type of window and door style you can imagine.

We showcase many of them at our Galashiels showroom and encourage you to come and have a look if you’re eager to make your home exciting again.

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