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Transform Your Home With Windows And Doors From Mitchell

Now that the clocks have gone forward and we’re receiving added daylight hours, your home is more in the spotlight now than at any other time of the year. Head outside, go across the road, look at your home and what do you see? If your windows and doors are looking a little tired, the likelihood is that your property will have an equally tired appearance as they’re a noticeable feature of any house.

Replacing these windows with the very latest UPVC, aluminium, timber, Heritage or steel windows or the front door with a brand new UPVC or composite door from Mitchell Glass will resurrect its look, especially as we supply them in some stunning colours.

However, our extensive window and door range is more than just pretty. Window and door buyers choosing Mitchell Glass for any new window or door upgrade can also expect their new investment to prove profitable in other ways:

Enhanced energy efficiency

You could be overpaying for household energy due to your current windows and doors allowing heat to leak out. Far less heat will be able to escape once new windows and doors have been integrated as we only supply windows and doors with exceptionally low U-values. Comfort levels will significantly rise post-installation.

Enhanced security

We all treasure our homes and expect our windows and doors to suitably protect our own from the potential threat of theft. When locked, our windows and doors stay locked as they contain sophisticated locking mechanisms, resilient framework and are also internally glazed, preventing the possibility of any glazing being removed from the outside.


The major reason why traditional windows and doors lose their visual appeal over time is because exposure to our ever unpredictable elements causes their colour to fade. Gradual colour fading and general wear and tear is impossible with our entire window and door range as each individual design offers total weather-resistance. No amount of wind, rain or snow will pose a problem.

Mitchell Glass loves being involved in home makeovers

We will make you a proud homeowner again once we have removed your old windows and doors in exchange for Scotland’s best replacement windows and doors.

Request a copy of our full colour brochure to discover more about the many windows and doors we have available or call into our Galashiels showroom.


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