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Why Bi-Folding Doors Are Essential For A Homecation

There is going to be far more people in Scotland remaining in this beautiful country of ours this summer than boarding a plane and heading abroad. 

Grey Bi-Folding Doors on Extension

A big percentage of them will be saving the pennies and taking a homecation, that is staying at home for the duration of their summer holiday. 

Is that what you’re thinking of doing? If so, the biggest advice we could give to you would be to get some bi-folding doors installed.

Why bi-folds of all things? We can offer you 3 reasons why they will make your homecation special:

Bring together your indoor and outdoor spaces

Our bi-folding doors can include anything from just 2 panes to a magnificent 7 panes. Whatever size they are, the opening they create can unify your home and garden. 

Fully folded to one side, a bi-folding door will give you the perfect mix of both environments and add a real outdoorsy feel to your home’s interior, perfect for those lovely summer days. 

The opening will also encourage you to switch between the indoors and outdoors more often than you used to.

Great ventilation

You’re never guaranteed fine weather in Scotland during the summer, but we can only hope that it will be kind to us. 

If it is, and temperatures push towards 30 degrees, your indoor living area will need cooling down, otherwise you will get a serious sweat on. A bi-folding door can be used as a source of ventilation. 

From the moment you fold open a bi-folding door, a huge rush of fresh air will fill the space and make it a more pleasant place to sit in. 

Helps with outdoor dining

A homecation gives you the perfect excuse to demonstrate your barbecuing skills and it will make up for missing out on those fancy foreign meals. 

Fill up your shopping baskets with lots of sausages, burgers, bread rolls etc. and clean up the barbecue, if it needs it, before you stick them on the grill. 

Where do bi-folds come into all of this? They will help you transport the things you need for eating from the kitchen to the patio or garden more easily. 

You can find out how else bi-folding doors will benefit your home here, and you can always chat to our team about them.

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