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Why Secondary Glazing Is A First-Class Solution For Draughty, Noisy Homes

You will have heard of double glazing and triple glazing, but you might not be aware of the existence of secondary glazing – a discreet, simple, low-cost and eco-friendly method of improving window efficiency and sound insulation.

Secondary Glazing

Rather than go through the upheaval of having your existing windows taken out and replaced, we can apply a “secondary” slim-line internal window to the inside of them.

This easy-clean secondary glazing unit can be custom-made to fit most window styles – Mitchell Glass is able to craft secondary glazed solutions in different variations, including horizontal, vertical, side-hinged and clip in, clip out.  

The impact of installing secondary glazing will be immediate and long-lasting.

Heat retention will be far greater as the warm air that comes out of your boiler will be less likely to escape, and the majority of the cold air from outside will be kept out, both due to the additional layer of glass.

What will materialise from that is a much cosier home, enabling you to restrict your heater usage (which is also great for the environment), without going cold, and subsequently saving you around 10% on your household fuel bills. These money-savings will ensure that secondary glazing pays for itself.  

You will also find your home to be a much more peaceful place to live – outdoor traffic noise and general hubbub won’t be as audible as it was previously.

For those who live in Historic or Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas, adding secondary glazing gets around the problem of not being able to exchange your windows for modern equivalents. The reason being is that it can normally be fitted without council permissions, so you won’t fall foul of the strict guidelines enforced upon these sorts of residences by local planning committees.


If secondary glazing sounds like what you need to create a more draught-free, noise-free home, speak to a Mitchell Glass Customer Advisor for advice, or request a FREE no obligation quote.

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