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Why You Should Choose A Composite Door

Can your current front door honestly get through another harsh winter? Do you have confidence in its ability to keep your home toasty and also show it off in a good light to the people that view it from the outside?

Oak Composite Door

If you have any doubts about your door, now is the time to be replacement door shopping, and what a huge array of potential new front doors there are to choose from at Mitchell Glass, including our incredible composite doors.  

Strong, stylish and superb insulators, that’s the best way to describe them all! And, they come in a variety of delectable designs.

Here’s why else a composite door ought to be in the reckoning for your next front door:

Amazingly dense

A composite door frame puts other door frames in the shade as far as the thickness of the frame is concerned. The average thickness of a composite door frame is around 50mm, which easily exceeds the average thickness of most alternative replacement door offerings.

Natural beauty

We often have customers mistaking our composite doors for traditional timber doors because of the authentic woodgrain effect they possess. A composite looks and feels like a wooden door, but it’s actually manufactured from a string of materials, one of which happens to be wood.


There is very little to do in terms of maintenance as a composite door doesn’t need repairing or repainting as it gets older. You will just need to give the door frame a wipe with a wet cloth to remove any marks that show up.

Energy efficient

When draughts start to get through your front door, it’s a signal that it needs replacing for a more thermally efficient design. Composite doors have very impressive energy ratings and will help keep your fuel bills low.


You can get further information about our composite doors in a FREE colour brochure we’ve put together. Click here to receive a copy.


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