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Why You Should Update Your Home Rather Than Sell It

The continued uncertainty caused by Brexit has thrown a cat among the pigeons for those looking to sell their property. It has had repercussions for the housing market and who knows how much more of an impact it will have when we eventually leave the European Union.


Glass Extension with Bi-Folding DoorsYou may have backtracked on plans to sell up because of it or second thoughts could have creeped in due to the various financial and physical demands placed on you when you want to relocate.

There will be a solicitor, estate agent and removal firm to pay off, plus the effort involved in getting your belongings organised in readiness for them being transferred to a new home – is it really worth it?

Truthfully, in many instances, it’s not, particularly when the prime motivation for moving is to get added space as it’d be far less stressful and far less expensive to install a glass extension from Mitchell Glass.

Our glass extension range is definitive, consisting of conservatories, orangeries and sunrooms – very few home improvement companies’ offer you such a depth of choice.

They come in all shapes and sizes, with even our most compact designs providing you with a welcome amount of roominess.

The new-found space they provide can be used however you like. Most act as a living or dining area, but we’re regularly asked to configure them as playrooms or home gymnasiums.

A conservatory adds much more than just space though. It will also improve the valuation of your property and will prove a big selling-point should you ever decide that you definitely want to move. You’ll also love the view it gives you of your garden, something that you could never tire of admiring. Our glass extensions deliver all year-round comfort too and aren’t likely to leave you shivering or sweltering.

We reckon that a visit to our Galashiels showroom to see some of our home extensions will convince you that updating your home is the right and only move you should make.




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