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Add Value Onto Your Home With A Front Porch

23rd October 2017

You never know when you will start to grow tired of your home. Although it may not be now, there may come a time when you fancy moving elsewhere, so it’s astute to regularly make improvements to enhance the value of the property for when you are ready to sell up. Improving the entranceway into...

It's National Home Security Month, Is Your Home Safe?

17th October 2017

The clocks are due to go back an hour in just over a week’s time which will be music to the ear of thieves. Fewer daylight hours gives them added incentive to make attempts to break into people’s homes, so you need to make sure you’re not their next casualty of theft. To highlight the...

Transform Your Home With New Windows And Doors

27th September 2017

Do you feel the same buzz of excitement for your home that you experienced when you first moved into the property? If the honest answer is “no”, the installation of brand new windows and doors will rejuvenate its appearance and feel. They will also help rejuvenate the fondness that you used to have for the...

Do You Have A Listed Building And Need New Windows? Try Secondary Windows

26th September 2017

It is estimated that there are around 500,000 listed buildings in the UK. A building receives listed status when it is of special architectural or historic interest considered to be of national importance and therefore worth protecting. Making enhancements to listed buildings can be a complicated matter. Minor improvements are usually allowed, but when major...

Composite Doors v UPVC Doors

29th August 2017

Your front door is such an integral part of the house. It is the first line of defence, sets the tone and is the standard-bearer for the entire property. Buying a new front door is often a once in a lifetime investment for a householder, so it is crucial that the right choice is made....

Open Up Your Home With Bi-Folding Doors

10th August 2017

Open plan living in homes new and old is a much sought after lifestyle for homeowners in Scotland and it can be easily be realised via a bi-folding door installation. Where there is a suitable aperture, bi-folding doors can be inserted between home and garden, home and home extension or even between two internal living...

Reinvent Your Conservatory With A Solid Roof

24th July 2017

There will be some conservatory owners who dread the arrival of summer and winter. Why? It is because the inside of their old extension gets sweltering hot in the summer sun and freezing cold in the deepest, darkest depths of winter. All the blame can be levelled at the roofing system. Their polycarbonate or glass...

5 Benefits Of Having An Orangery

17th July 2017

Improving is still taking preference over moving for many Scottish homeowners, resulting in a considerable amount of interest in our luxurious home extensions. They don’t come more luxurious than a UPVC, aluminium or timber orangery. For those who don’t know what an orangery is… The traditional orangery was used for growing orange trees, hence the...

Enjoy The Sunshine In Your Sunroom

23rd June 2017

It is completely understandable that most people believe a conservatory and sunroom to be the exact same thing. That however is not the case. Yes, they’re both forms of home extension that draw in the sun and they look alike in certain respects, but there are marked differences between the two. What are the differences?...

Good Service Is At The Heart Of Mitchell Glass

16th June 2017

142 years – that is how long Mitchell Glass has been serving the people of Scotland with the very best home improvements. It’s an unparalleled length of time for any Scottish-based supplier of conservatories, windows and doors. The key to our success? We can think of several reasons why we have lasted so long in...

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