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Enjoy The Sunshine In Your Sunroom

23rd June 2017

It is completely understandable that most people believe a conservatory and sunroom to be the exact same thing. That however is not the case. Yes, they’re both forms of home extension that draw in the sun and they look alike in certain respects, but there are marked differences between the two. What are the differences?...

Good Service Is At The Heart Of Mitchell Glass

16th June 2017

142 years – that is how long Mitchell Glass has been serving the people of Scotland with the very best home improvements. It’s an unparalleled length of time for any Scottish-based supplier of conservatories, windows and doors. The key to our success? We can think of several reasons why we have lasted so long in...

Design Your Home Improvements To Suit Your Home

17th May 2017

Making regular improvements to your home can improve its value and make it more appealing to buyers. We use the word “can” because any home improvements you make must be in keeping with the styling and architecture of the house. If they’re not then they could have the complete opposite effect. There is no chance...

Don't Sacrifice Scottish Character For Energy Efficiency

8th May 2017

In a recent paper entitled Homes Fit for the 21st Century, the Scottish Government outlined four major housing-related targets that they intend to achieve. One of their pledges is that “by December 2020, improved design and greater energy efficiency in housing will have made a contribution to Scotland’s commitments to reduce our energy consumption by...

Stay Secure With Upgrades To Your Windows and Doors

27th April 2017

You cannot always be in your home – there are always places you need to go and people you need to see. On those occasions when you have to leave your house empty, it is reassuring to know that your abode is properly secure. That will only be the case if the windows and doors...

Our Customers Are Delighted With Mitchell Glass

19th April 2017

Just over a week ago, Mitchell Glass celebrated its 142nd birthday. There is no doubt that quality products have played a part in helping us become the most experienced conservatory, orangery, double glazing window & door company in Scotland. But that alone is not enough to help you last in this intensely competitive industry. Providing...

Enjoy The Scottish Summer Days With A Conservatory

17th March 2017

The clocks go forward next weekend, heralding the start of British Summer Time. When you hear that word summer you envisage long days stretched out in the garden and a host of tasty barbecues. We can only hope that will be case, but we know how unpredictable the weather can be North of the border....

Reinvent Your Conservatory With A Solid Roof

22nd February 2017

A common major grumble levelled at traditional conservatories is that they become uninhabitable in the summer and winter months due to either feeling too hot or too cold. The finger of blame can be pointed squarely at the roofing system as it is obviously no longer capable of delivering the necessary standard of thermal efficiency....

Outstanding Installations Guaranteed By Mitchell Glass

6th February 2017

When inviting a home improvement specialist into your property to fit the latest energy efficient windows or a brand new conservatory, you are placing an enormous amount of trust in that company. Some prior due diligence of the chosen firm most definitely helps reduce the chances of a poor installation occurring – a little online...

Transform Your Home With New Doors & Windows

20th January 2017

You can have the nicest home interior in the world, but if the outside of your house looks unattractive because of the poor state of your old windows or an ageing front door, all your hard work inside will be go to waste. When transforming your property you should devote an equal amount of time...

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